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Trackers for admin eyes only... how and why ?

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I have set trackers with mixt content english and hebrew.

As i log on admin on any computers (English, Hebrew, whatever Microsoft Windows) i see the item perfectly as they should.

If i log another user (editors got same rights than me but admin). The display is completly wrong and only the date of modification appears.

... Why ? frown

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Just an idea... Did you check if the page is well formed - see w3.org - perhaps a non admin account is non well formed html

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Hi Sylvie,

... I don't follow you...

The trackers data's shows well when i view it as admin.
When i view it as another user the data's seams misplaced.

Wiki is forming the html to form the page...


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It is just an assumption. I suppose that when you are not an admin, as only some infos are displayed, some html tags are missing because a {if} is not well formed in the template perhaps... (I suppose you configure correctly hidden field and public field in tha option admin, did you?)
An idea is to display your page as non admin , then goes on
http://validator.w3.org/ and gives the url of your page. Perhaps you will discover something strange.
Otherwise do you have an url that can be seen?

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i've tried to check the page, but it seams it don't get the page (password issues :-)).

The login page show me allready some errors as i didn't change it from the original 1.9 DR4.

As the issue and page are subject to password, i,d prefer send you address and talk about it in private.

I'm on mirc...

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talk you soon