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Architecture / Installation

1.8.CVS code for production?

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I'm using 1.8.4 (pathed according to security notice) code for production. There has been a bug fix under 1.8.cvs that I'd like to use, and I was wondering if there was any problem if I use from now on the cvs code (1.8.cvs) for production, since I've learned how to get cvs code under linux recently...
(and our servers for production run linux, of course :-)


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You can chose whichever version you want, but as a guide CVS based versions could have problems.

BRANCH-1-8 does have some changes, and Im not sure how stable those changes make the final release. Im still waiting for someone to take the step to be a release manager ( ReleaseManagerRequirements ) for that version. I shall look at a release possibilty done my myself towards the end of January as I have some requirements for some of those 1.8.5 fixes too wink


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