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Features / Usability

Re: Re: TikiWiki bug crashed the server

United Kingdom

Taken from the TikiFriendlyHosts page:

''Host Rocketexternal link is a US based web host that I've been very happy with pretty much across the board: price, available services, and very responsive tech support. I've setup several installs of TikiWiki without any troubles, all running swimmingly with moderate use.
PHP memory_limit here is set to 10Mb. It should be enough for some installations. Although you may experience problems with Image and File galleries, and Tikis with lots of content.''

10Mb is borderline. It could be memory_limit related especially as TW forums are just overgrown comments code and not the best in the world.

Looking at the code there is no strangeness happening in that module and it works fine on a duplicate of tw.o database on my workstation.


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