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Features / Usability

Tracker; "Items List"

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Hello i use TIKIWIKI 1.9 DR4.

On one trackerID0 I need to display the list of items taken from another trackerID1 from the fieldIDZ for wich fieldIDY from trackerID1 = fieldIDX from trackerID0.

Items list should done that BUT...

Or i get a field with no data (the name field has a link "insert new items") or i have a series of error : "undefined index 50(50 is in fact the value of fieldIDZ)...

I have tried same operation with "Item Link" to check my syntax, there, i got a drop-down with proper items BUT... no comparaison has done (all items were listed no matter if fieldIDX was equal or not fieldIDY).

Is there a bug somewhere here ????