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HTTP 404 - File not found

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When i press "click here to confirm your action" I get a HTTP 404 - File not found ! not a "Techy" so can s.o explain in simple terms! thanks

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Yan, explain more about how did you end up with thatmessage (what did you do before, which action where you attempting to perform, etc.).

For what you explain (little) it looks like the file you are trying to work with is not really there (wherever you save your files: file system or database), etc.

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Notice the URL (below) when trying to delete a user:


So far so good. Now at this point, you've reached the "confirm delete" button.
When looking at the sourcecode of the page, notice the foll. action:

form action="/tiki-adminusers.php/offset=0&numrows=10&sort_mode=login_desc&action=delete&user=UserTrial" method="post"

notice the "/" after .php/offset...
I believe that the "/" suppose to be a "?" ?

Currently using the polaris 1.8.5 (stable) version.



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Can s.o. tell me if there is a known bug with polaris 1.8.5 since I cannot use the "click here to confirm your action" button everytime I have to delete sthing?!!