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Features / Usability

Re: Broken: index.php & tiki-logout.php

United Kingdom

> Using BRANCH-1-9:
> When trying to get to the wiki via the default directory url through index.php it does not foward to tiki-index.php. I can go directly no problem.
> When trying to logout it finally errors out with 404 error. But when I refresh to the tiki-index.php file I am truly logged out, and the logs themselves say it too.

Try getting the latest code. BRANCH-1-9 changes every single day. Its the developers playground branch at the moment and only meant for active development or use by tiki coders who can fix the said problems.

However I cant say that I have ever had a problem with either of these two files and I use and develop on TikiWiki every single day. I would suggest that you grab another copy as it possibly sounds like its maybe a little corrupt.


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