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Architecture / Installation

Re: Re : All good but the tiki-index.php

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> Is it only tiki-index.php or also tiki-index.pgp?page=one_page?

I think it was a good question ! wink

So to obtain a max of infos, knowing that one_page wasn't existing i try it that way.

Is working fine, it ask me to create the page.
I wrote some rubbish, preview is ok, BUT save doesn't move the page at all.

I can see anyway that the page is existing throu wiki;list page but then again, i can't display it anymore. !

NOTE; for, now i don't get anymore "cannot dispay the page" the page simply don't move after a short reflexion (moz icon changing).

> If it is only the first one, check your default tikiwki homepage .. a lot of palce to define it : admin-> > general and admin->group ...

Yeah i have set my home to article (admin->general) to check this too, it is working perfect then.

> Perhaps your homepage has a wiki error (example 2 ~np without the ~/np...)
> To avoid tikiparsing - i think - you can try directly tiki-editpage.php?page=your_homepage

I not sure what you mean here, but as we saw above, tiki-editpage.php is working as ong as it don't go to tiki-index.php.

Thanks for your help ! confused