Architecture / Installation

Architecture / Installation

Re: Aw: Re: german umlaut problem when upgrading from 1.18. to 1.18.5.

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> > Make sure that your webserver is configured via the php.ini file to send content in UTF-8 format.
> >
> it is, i have both versions running and both use same php.ini and the html header does specify utf-8
> > Also on Admin->System Admin there are database conversion routines. but a backup of the database beforehand is HIGHLY recommended.
> >
> unfortunately, in my system admin page on the 1.8.5 there is no database conversion routine, i can only see 2 items: "Exterminator" and "Templates compiler"! so how can i find the database conversion ?
> bodo

Must be a 1.9 thing then.

Check that the PHP is sending as UTf-8


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