Galaxia Workflow Engine

Galaxia Workflow Engine

Re: Re: Let's talk about Galaxia


> Marc, in tiki-devel list you talked about this, but you didn't say something about Galaxia precisely. What do you think?

The only reason why Galaxia was considered to go to mods is because it is not widely used. I agree with lfagundes that Galaxia's "power has not yet been explored as it should"

I did not think Galaxia should become a mod for 1.9 (and it has not). In general, I do not like the idea of removing existing (re: actively developped and working) features from Tiki to move to mods. However, for the future, as the mods feature evolves, it could become a place where features mature before they join the main codebase.

Again, I agree with lfagundes, I think the most important is to "incite people to share the XMLs of the workflow they do". As Galaxia become widely used, moving it to mods will no longer be considered.

> Just a brief list of current processes we deployed/coded/studied using Galaxia:
> - Managing employees as users in Tiki (adding a file gallery for each one, a CV, etc.)
> - Filling a weekly worksheet with the time expended in each project.
> - Requesting holidays and tracking of holidays left per year.
> - Managing a whole project: creating the project, categorizing it, and gathering all the related info in the Intranet, add its documentation templates...

Great! Can you share these?

Best regards,

M ;-)

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