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Re: Re: Dead Tiki = expect problems not answers?

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> The problems are described here:

Hi Aris,

In another post, you mentioned: "At least "customers" are working on problems"

You are not my customer. I am not your customer. We are both members of a community of users & developers of Tiki. And we both want this issue resolved.

As one community member to another, I am asking you a favor: Can you collect as much information as possible about this bug and report to dev.tikiwiki.org ? It is very important to document in very clear terms, for someone who has never used the feature before, so developers will be able to reproduce it. Since it completely breaks the Tiki, I consider it as a serious bug, please give it priority 8 or 9. Please report and I will try to get it solved for 1.9.1

Here are some tips for reporting bugs:


M ;-)