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Features / Usability

Re: odd blank page

Check php.ini at the new production machine, to ensure you have at least 32 Mb instead of 8 Mb, if you haven't checked so.

> Hi!
> Our configuration is kind of standard, we have two server one running xampp and tikiwiki on top, and the other with a monolitic install of Apache2.0, PHP, ZendOptimizer; MySQL, and Tiki wiki running on top. Both machines running on Solaris.
> Now the problem, we have a couple of new pages for our website, we created them into tikiwiki on the development machine (the one with xampp), and they work perfect. Now, we moved the same pages, with the same attributes/permissions, etc to the new production machine, and everytime we try to access them we get a blank page.
> Any ideas? I already checked DB permissions and they are ok.
> Thanks in advance.-

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