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> * Pdf Generation could be fixed faster, maybe?

PDF Generation actually needs a new LGPL compatible library, the limitations are due to the current library that is used, i.e. only latin characters supported etc etc

Find a new library and it will be a breeze to complete the feature.

> * Documentation for 1.8 could be finished some day during the following year or so (instead of becoming a never-ending-story since one person - Luis, afaik - doesn't take care of it by hand)?,

Documentation will never be finished unless development stops, If you want to finish documentation for 1.8, it would be obselete and totally out of date for the 1.9. Its better to document as you go along, but as we know developers dont like to become documentors.

> * And I wonder if this system could allow 1.9.x Trackers to be documented more easily?

We just need a french to english translation, Full documentation is on fr.tikiwiki.org for them.

> * And I wonder if this system could allow 1.9.x mods to be documented more easily?

Or even finished smile

> * etc.


> Don't get me wrong, please. I like Tiki a lot, and also the Tiki community. This is just a proposal to improve the coordination of efforts, energies, synergies, etc... among people of the Tiki community.

The problem is when money is involved within the project, someone has to manage that between the various developers and various donators working on a project component, which means banking, tax issues, etc, etc. Its more involved that just opening a site with a fancy tracker interface.

See the way Rent-a-coder works, that is what we need for TikiBounty, but behind the scenes are various third parties handling the transaction so developers and donators arent at conflict with each other.


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