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> 1.MySql
> Downloaded tiki 1.9, problem is the same. By the way, the same thing happens to forum attaches if they are .doc or .xls files. and it doesn't depend on the
> PHP version (tried php 4.3 and php 5.0.1) or mysql ver (tried 4.0 and 4.1, and earlier, smth like 3.3.2... - don't remember).
> Default Mysql encoding is UTF-8.

1.9.0 from SourceForge doesnt work with 4.1, only CVS BRANCH-1-9 code works i.e. the tar.gz from de.tikiwiki.org

> File is being corrupted smw between calling tiki-download.php and starting http download from apache, because apache peforms OK and files on server stored in files named like 8b845bae6d5060f14f535404ae4a904f are safe.

What encoding is PHP configured to use?

> Another question - why it corrupts filename. Filename shown correctly on another tiki pages.

Its not corrupting them, its making a md5 hash of the file not the filename and then stores the file using that hash as the name. This makes it very hard for someone when stored in the file system to go directly to the download folder and "guess" filenames.

This also means that you cannot upload the same file twice in any gallery.


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