Architecture / Installation

Architecture / Installation

Re: Re: Re: Incorrect Key File errors?

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> Yes, I had 4.1.11 on my local machine. Doesn't tiki 1.9.x work with MySQL 4.1? The Requirements and Setup page does claim: " TikiWiki 1.9 works with MySQL 4.1. TikiWIki 1.9.1 and later will support the enhanced mysqli driver too."
> Anyway, I installed MySQL 4.0.25 and it works fine with tiki. Thanks for the help.

1.9.0 was meant to include 4.1 support, but the release manager decided it wasnt important, so it never happened. Anyway 1.9.1 which is currently in CVS and soon to be released does.


p.s. No there is no release date decided yet. rolleyes

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