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Re: Direct Me to Proper Forum Please

United Kingdom

> Warning: mysql_connect(): Client does not support authentication protocol requested by server; consider upgrading MySQL client in /home/goinpost/public_html/tiki/lib/adodb/drivers/adodb-mysql.inc.php on line 340

Sounds like you have a MySQl 4.1 server, which is only supported at the moment by the development 1.9 releases downloaded from http://de.tikiwiki.org

> Opps! Having no clue what to do, I removed the instalation. Considered coming here and attempting to download and install 1.9, but I probably can't handle that. I've read "1.8 is buggy" but on the download page it says 1.8.5 - stable; 1.9 - testing. What to do? Which to try?

1.9 definately

> I've read that PHP memory needs to be increased. Can "ordinary people" do that?

Nope. Which is why we created TikiFriendlyHosts page.

> Is TikiWiki only for large systems, like universities with superservers?

Nope. Anyone. Personal sites, Communities, anything.

> I have plenty of space to install, but how much does an "average" personally-operated site generally need to function well?

Tiki is about 20Mb of SourceCode not including the database.

> I looked yesterday for some functioning "sample" sites, but of the ones I chose from the long list, many had been installed but obviously were not being used, and others belonged to huge institutions with IT staffs. I did notice that several sites had used "wiki" as a subdomain name. Is that the way to do it? Do I create the subdomain first, then install in there?

Nope,you can do it anyway you like:

My own sites:

and many more shown on Damian page.

> Could someone direct me to a "small community" functioning tikiwiki website? My website is for teachers to share lesson plans and ideas. I am not connected with a school system.

> Is there help somewhere for me?

You found the place to ask already!

Damian Parker

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