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Architecture / Installation

Re: Style colours don't work

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> > When I go to Admin | General and change the theme to default.css or anything else, it goes to that colour or theme when I press 'CHange Style Only" but after I navigate to any oher page, it reverts back to my old style again.
> >
> > Other people who login, have got the new default colour/theme. Only my login, continuously and without fail constantly reverts back to the default scheme - even though the new theme name shows in the preferences combo-box?
> >
> > Sort of annoying? Anyone else had this problem in 1.9.1?

This is because you have also got a style applied through MyTiki -> Preferences. A user style overrides the site style. Unfortuanlty there is no way in the MyTiki Preferences page to say Use default site style. You need to go into the database and remove the .css value lines from tiki_preferences table.


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