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Export complete tracker

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I'd like to know if it is possible to dump/export a tracker. I don't mean the export of the fields of a tracker, but all the items, e.g. in a csv-List or a plain text list, PDF, whatever...

We're keeping e.g. a list of our hardware in a tracker (ID, description, who uses it, when will it be returned if lent, etc.) and sometimes it would be handy to take a printout or digital export with you, especially if you're offline (or have to show something to upper management)


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So far I know, no, except if you use the new mirror trackers (as there are directly in mysql table)

But it is surely missing - to be put on the doto list

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You can manually do it by showing all the fields in the list view, and copy&pasting to a OpenOffice Calc sheet, for instance.
By the meantime, if you don't want the public to see all the data, just disallow view access to that tracker to anonymous, registered or groups you don't want to give them the right to view everything on the tracker.