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> I'm a newbie in tikiwiki. Editing an existing page is no problem, but how does one create a page? I couldn't open the documentation. Perhaps, someone can help??? Sorry for this very simple question.... redfaceredface

3 ways:

  1. Creating a link to a new (empty) page > cliking on the link, and filling the new page.
    1. Using WikiWords (two or more capital letters in one text string), See more here: WikiWord
    2. forcing any text to be a link to a new page, using any text between double brackets, such as:
      • ((any text))
      • Which would produce:
      • any text

      See more info here: WikiFormatting
  2. Using the Quick Edit box on the left column of this Tiki (or wherever you add it in your own tiki)

Unluckily the place for the official documentaion (with better docs explaining things) doc.tikiwiki.org is down nowadays....

Ask again if in doubt! :-)

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