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> Hi,
> At present I am evaluating different cms tools to use to best suite my requirements.
> So I am not getting clear about some features of tikiwiki
> These features are ---
doc.tw.o = http://doc.tikiwiki.org
Some answer (at least the ones I know, :-)

> 1) Does it support Article mangement & upto what level?
Yes, read at doc.tw.o

> 2) Does it support Job posting?
User Tasks, yes. Announcements of jobs, yes, through articles or blogs for jobs, etc.

> 3) Does it support Time Tracking (may be for contractors)?
Being developed for 1.10+ (already funcitonal on early stages, as used in educational field! :-). Action logs: search doc.tw.o

> 4) Does it generate Reports (usage etc.) if something goes wrong to inform the administrator?
Pretty simple tiki logs, so far, on my honest opinion (1.9.x).

> 5) Does it support Support to move/reuse contents?
At some extent. Through User Notepad, etc.

> 6) Does it support Meta Data ?
I think so. search doc.tw.o or tw.o

> 7) How Good performance at page/db etc. levels ?
See statistics.

> 8) Does it support Scaleable/Load Balancing and clustering ?
No idea myself.confused

> 9) Does it support Customizable (UI as well as pluggable API) ?
No sure about the adequate answer (expet answer from real devs).confused

> 10) Does it support to add extensions?
Yes, specially TikiMods

> 11) Does it support UI levels for basic/advance users ?
Yes, through module assignment for groups of users, or permissions on users, groups, etc.

> 12) Does it support SSO ?

> 13) Does it support Problem notification ?
Yes, through Trackers (very powerful since 1.9.x!)

> 14) Does it support Drap and Drop Contents ?
Don't think so.

> 15) Does it support Friendly URLs ?
Yes, at some extent, through apache rewrite rules. Search doc.tw.o or tw.o

> 16) Which WYSIWYG Editor are supported ?
Poor wysiwyg support so far (only blogs, menus, and may be something else. I think). No much html around, etc., so far., due to issues with compatibility and exchange between wiki and html format (Tiki saves most content in db on wiki format, not html, afaik; thus, good conversors are needed, and not finished, afaik, but on the roadmap, afaik, again)

> 17) Does it support Content Scheduling?
Yes, on articles.

> 18) Does it support web based inline administration of contents?
mmm... "Inline"? I'm not sure if I understand... "Online" yes, for sure...

> 19) How does it support Login sessions Administration?
¿? What kind of administration of sessions?

Hope it helps.wink
> I am not getting a clear idea of these features though I have got a clear idea of many other features.
> I am refering the pdf document of tikiwiki i.e tikidoc20051021.pdf
> Can somebody help me with this information.
> Regards,
> Avinash
> avinashb at cybage.com

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