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Re: How to write XML code into {CODE}

United Kingdom

Looks like a bug in CODE() plugin. There are no switches, well you could always try to enable html in wiki pages on admin->wiki then check the allow html on wiki page save.

That is NOT a solution tho, as it does impose a general security issue especially if you have a wide audience of page and content editors.


Hm, no,

it works inside standard postings in e.g. in this forum, too:

with no whitespace:
with surrounding whitespace < key >

with no-parse:

no whitespace: 
whitespaces: < key >

Is there any other way to encode special characters in text, so it get's shown regardless of the parsing? E.g. it even is not showing if I use the no-parse directives, etc.

So, maybe it's a generic bug? Any workaround?

Best regards - Bernhard

Is there any news about this topic?

I'm using the 2.0 version of tiki and I still having this problem in Articles module.


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