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Features / Usability

Re: Re: Tikiwiki Business Perspective - Anybody ??

United Kingdom

> I saw Tikiwiki 2-3 days ago and I was impressed.
> As I was browsing the features and testing the tools, many images from the feature poped up to my head.
> Eventually, these 'images from the future' can be used by businessman to earn money, but the point is that tikiwiki software can do great things!
> Why doesn't exists an calculator so the user can easily use it instantly? There are many times that, at work, users need to calculate values.

There is one available from http://mods.tikiwiki.org biggrin

> Why doesn't exists an contact manager and combined with a name's day feature software can remind the user that somebody from his contact has his names day! Of course it should be combined with the calendar feature so it can also remind special occassions, appointments, etc.

I heard someone was playing with the contact manager from Bitweaver porting it into TikiWiki format.


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