Architecture / Installation

Architecture / Installation

Re: Remove mssql from the installation db list

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> To save confusion and disappointment, please do the sensible thing and remove it. Or, as an alternative, throw in some other non-supported db platforms to really confuse people during install. rolleyes

Being honest ONLY mysql is fully support, the others are all hit and miss and cannot be gaurenteed to work 100%. :-)

However I did the mssql support in 1.8 and through a small change in the .sql convertscripts it still works on 1.9's.

> meanwhile, I'll continue to use PHPBB + PMWIKI as our departmental groupware solution and hope that tikiwiki gets around to supporting odbc or properly implements database abstraction.

Good luck with your chosen solution. You can configure in db/tiki-db.php to use ODBC connection, you just have to build the connection string yourself, and populate the database yourself. ODBC is slower that using the PHP db module access.


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