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United Kingdom

Hello all,

Id like you to review http://themes.thegod.me.uk as a proposal for a possible TikiWiki theme browsing and download site.

Let me know your thoughts!




Regarding a new Tiki themes site, I wasn't in on the beginning of the discussion, at some point a month or so ago Marc Laporte brought up the possibility of using my zukakakina.com as the themes.tikiwiki.org site. I've been working on that site as a place to experiment with Tiki themes, with the idea of making available the ones I've made or ported (most are/will be GPL|LGPL). Each theme at the site has its own category, and is of course the theme for the category, and each has a forum, gallery, wiki page, etc. both to demo the theme thoroughly and for practical use regarding the theme. Several themes are close to completion, and they include original themes as well as ports like the Kubrick Wordpress theme and the Planetfall Mambo theme. Please stop by the site to have a look, if you like.

My response to Marc was that I thought the themes.tikiwiki.org site should not be anyone's personal site — as Zukakina is — but should be "neutral territory" as much as possible. I responded further with ideas about a themes site content and functions. I like the content/functionality of my site as far as it goes, but there may be some technical reasons why this particular domain wouldn't be the best way to go. Damian's ideas about using CVS, etc. take things another step, and he put together the site referred to as an example of what can be done along those lines.

My thinking is that the best themes site would combine the file-handling ideas and content ideas represented by our two approaches. It's good to see people anxious to get going on this. Seems like very soon we'll have a nice Tiki themes site.

-- Gary


Hi Damian & all,

A dedicated themes site is in the works:

We will as soon as possible use InterTiki so people won't have to create a new account:

I am very excited with InterTiki. The Tiki community is getting so huge that I see many benefits to segment according to interests. We must try to avoid duplicating information with appropriate tools / strategies, such as the InterWiki feature, which ironically is documented at two places:

So everyone, when we migrate theme related info from tikiwiki.org ot doc.tikiwiki.org, let's make sure to erase the original, leaving only a link to the new page. Anyone who wants to help before InterTiki is ready, please email me or Gary and we'll provide you with a temporary account.


M smile

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