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Features / Usability

Re: How do I modify the tiki_index.php code?

United Kingdom

> I would like to add some code to my Tiki pages to track external data on visitors.
> The code I have used on other sites from Stat Counter works well.
> Firstly I have never modified smarty code cry

Read the manual if your going to customise TikiWiki you'll need to know the basics http://smarty.php.net

> I would like to add the counter following the footer line (or on the next line if that is not possible)
> Created by: Paul last modification: Tuesday 10 of January, 2006 12:52:38 UTC by Paul counter here
> On the install page there are three possible files
> tiki_index
> tiki_index_p
> tiki_index_raw
> ~ which to go for?


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