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Re: Re: Re: Group homepage preference does not work (?)

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> Did I get your point at all? :-]

Hi Takku!

A user can belong to several groups and cumulate permissions, however, in certain cases, only one course of action is possible. This is why the concept of default group exists in Tiki.

Say a user belongs to several groups. When this user logs in, to which page should (s)he be redirected to?


  1. Go to: tiki-adminusers.php
  2. Find your user:
  3. Click on Assign group (the yellow key)
  4. Now, notice below the list of groups, the "Default Group" drop-down menu.

Whatever you choose here will be used for the group home page.

It is also used for the user tracker. Depending on the default group, a tracker or another is used.

Best regards,

M ;-)