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> Thanks davidp, see you around the doc site, I hope.

To enrich Dave's idea (and since you can code), what we need more of:
Directly in Tiki: Brief documentation and links to the appropriate online docs. As more people are sent to the online docs, it will getter better.

Many of these were added in the admin panel in Tiki 1.9.4, but so much more can be done. Often the doc exists somewhere but it is not well connected to the users that need it.

And since you can code, this will be a lot less work that writing your own wiki in Ruby biggrin

Wiki syntax is here:

If doc doesn't correspond to code, please update doc. If you think the code is wrong, please goto dev.tikiwiki.org to report a bug (and maybe even a patch!)

In any case, come to the IRC chatroom and meet the fun bunch of people biggrin

M smile