Community and *.tiki.org site organization

Community and *.tiki.org site organization

Re: TWo Design

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> I'd like to propose a rework/redesign of the main tikiwiki.org/tiki-index.php page. I like to consider myself a fairly advanced Tiki users, and I'm very confused by the page. I think we need to give potential Tiki-ers a much cleaner first impression. For example, compare Tiki's "home" page with:
> *Drupal
> *Plone
> *Joomla
> *phpNuke
> *etc.
> I ask you to take a honest look... based on each home page, which software looks:
> #More inviting
> #Easier to use
> #"Cooler"

Drupal & Plone

> tw.o/tiki-index.php should be the place, not only to discuss and develop TikiWiki, but to SELL it, too.

More users + more contributors => better Tiki

It's a shame because Tiki is a lot better than it looks at the moment (from organization of our sites)

> My specific comments/suggestions:

hehe, sounds good. Let's do it!

And the same idea for doc.tikiwiki.org, themes.tikiwiki.org and dev.tikiwiki.org biggrin

Over on themes, we are working hard to make PhpLayersMenu work nicely with all browsers. This can help too with redesign.

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