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Community and *.tiki.org site organization

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  1. Move the search box to the first position. Recent usability studies show that web users expect to see a SEARCH field in the top-right area.
  2. Move the MENU to the left. Users who read left-to-right expect the menu on the left.

Some other critiques and suggestions....

  • We have "Welcome to TikiWiki" 3 times on the home page. Does anyone else think this is overkill?
  • Remove the "Help us with doc" plea... Or at least move it down. It should not be the first thing a new user sees.
  • Remove the "Free software is good." Personally, I don't see what adds. We should mention somewhere on the Home page that TikiWiki is GPL software.

Great job so far. Luci did a great job on the site identity logo.


> > Right Column
> > *Login Module
> > *Since Your Last Visit (after logging in)
> > *Messages (after Logging in)
> > *Who Is There
> > *Last Changes Module
> > *Shoutbox (should be on for anonymous users)
> >
> Done.

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