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Re: kind of... help?

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> well, i've got some problems setting up my 1.8 tikiwiki page:
> 1. how can i change the default email that is sent to users upon registration (validate users per email)

Edit the ../templates/mail/user_validation_mail.tpl file.

> 2.how can I change the new user registration screen? not the admin user ading screen but the one a user sees when he want's to register?
> I wan't to write some aditional info lik "maybe this email will be in your spam folder" or some explanation like that

Edit the ../templates/mail/user_validation_msg.tpl file. This is the text that will appear after your users submit their registration info.

> 3.I want my starting to be kind of like the http://tikiwiki.org/tiki-index.php screen. But i don't know how to add this "news" box. I don't think it is a normal box that is updatet "by hand". it looks like the latest articles/news are automaticaly displayed there. how?

Use the Article plugin.

> 4. I've got the "Open external links in new window:" box checked but it won't work or all links. I made an image to work like a link apointing to an other page (like www.google.com, something "outside" tikiwiki) and the page isn't opened in a new link.
> 5. how kan i make a link to be opened in "the middle" of the page? keeping the left and right bars?

I don't understand the question, sorry.

> any help apreciated, since this is the first tikiwiki page i am making and kind of need it to be finished FAST exclaim
> but kan't figure out theese things... redface
> thanks!



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