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Can't insert to Sheet

United States

I'm have what is to me an odd problem where I go into edit mode on my TikiSheet, insert a row and then click "insert row" only to receive the message:

A ))SheetId(( is required.

Sure enough I look at the URL and it reads (changed the site name):


which has no sheetId reference at all.

Additional info

  • I am using TikiWiki 1.95 running on a Linux platform
  • Problem exists in both IE and Firefox browsers running on a Win XP laptop.
  • I do notice that the sheet actually adds the row before the page changes over to the error.
  • This problem occurs regardless of "before" or "after" being selected.
  • This problem occurs regardless of where I insert the rows or the number of rows I select.
  • Exporting and reimporting to a new sheet has no effect, the problem persists.
  • I have the same problem for inserting columns.
  • Clicking "Format Cell" has no effect whatsoever. It's as if I were clicking static text.
  • I've looked around for some obvious problems like bad URLs in the template --- no joy.
  • I have created a second empty sheet and everything works.
  • I am attaching an exported copy of the sheet with numbers changed for obvious reasons.

Any help anyone can provide would be most appreciated.


Catalan Countries

Hi Steve, you've hit a bug which I hit months ago. I reported the original author of tikishets (louis phillippe huberdau), but he can't take care of that bug. I wish you can find somebody willing to fix this bug.
I saw that with small sheets, this bug doesn't show up to me.
I hope it helps.
Good luck.

I'm looking at it now, in July 2009. Makes the feature unusable of course.

Catalan Countries

Hi freeman57:

TikiSheets is back working fine, afaik, in tiki2.x and tiki3.x.

Please Upgrade to avoid security issues with older (non-mantained any more) versions like 1.9.x.

Welcome back, by the way! :-)


Hey Hi,

Me again. I haven't gone anywhere ;-)

These mischievous spreadsheets are playing hard-to-get for me again. It's the identical presentation. Make a sheet. Click Edit. Click Add a Column and the column form appears but, milliseconds later, it submits itself without further input and returns "A sheet id is required"

This is in 4.0

And, right here at http://tikiwiki.org/tiki-sheets.php there's currently a problem creating new sheets (returns a your database is broken error), or attempting to edit an existing one from the list, I get the same no sheetid error.

This should go in the bugs tracker, right? Yeah. You're right. Ok. I'll put it in the bugs tracker.


PS. error here when replying to a post: Notice: this variable may not be empty: $_POST%22thread_sort_mode%22

Catalan Countries

Oh well, this problem was not shown to me in tw.o (I'm using firefox 3.5 in case it matters).
However, saving changes did nothing to me.
I've filled a but report:

Feel free to update it or fill in a new one if your problems are different. (try clearning your browser cache, just in case)


I had to cancel this installation :

I have a brand new Tiki 4.0 up on BlueHost, installation done by Simple Scripts, where the effect can be seen in action.

You can log in as friend, password friend.

Also the webmail won't send from there either. Credentials are on the front page and friend can administer.

So anyone with any ideas on either of these two features I would love to hear from if you have time to give it a whirl.

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