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Re: How to use Charts in tikiwiki1.9.4

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> How to use Charts in tikiwiki1.9.4? And what is its advantage?
> Help please!Thanks a lot.

If you mean chart feature, no idea what's it for (and it might be buggy). And there is not documentation for such feature.

If you mean chart plugin (on 1.10+, at least), it's a great plugin to show graphs from tikisheets inside wiki pages.

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Hi Xavier et al,

I am trying to use the plugin Chart in Tiki 10.x and I have major problems as explained below:

- I am using the Sheet and Chart plugins in a Wiki page, inside a Tab plugin. The idea is to display related sheets & charts in multiple tabs.
- However, the charts and sheets display only sometimes.
- When I move from one tab to another (e.g. from Sheet tab to a Chart tab), there is no chart to be found (shows only missing image icon).
- Then when I move back from Chart tab to Sheet tab, the worksheet is also gone. Only a vertical line shows up.
- Now finally, there is neither Sheet nor Chart showing in my Wiki pages.
- I have cleared cache and stopped caching (from admin). No improvement.
- I have manually deleted cache files from temp & template_c subfolders. Still no improvement.
- Is there any problem with my Gd or Imagemagick libraries ? Or any other library that I ahve not activated? Or path not correctly given ?

Thanks in advance for your urgent help and advice. It will definitely help us to get a first client for our little team of developers.

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