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Re: Re: Aulawiki won't install

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> Alright, I FINALLY got Aulawiki installed, not even sure how, lol.
> But, the tutorial and video are in spanish, no help to me there.
> It's not obvious, even with the assistant, what I should be doing.
> What I want to do is this:
> - Registered users need to be able to create their own workspaces, which they can make either public or private, and accept requests from other registered users to join.
> - The creator of the workspace needs to have admin authority within the workspace except for being able to modify user accounts.
> This needs to be automatic, without administrator intervention.

Sorry for not answering yor post earlier (I have hundreds of unread messages from this forum after summer vacation). Glad you could install it.
We've started the effort to translate documetation into Énglish. I hope you can help us a bit.
So far, jreyes (coder) and me (tester, bug finder - reporter) have been investing our little time into improving the code, and fixing those annoying bugs you've found (and many others you didn't find and will not because jreyes fixed them). AulaWiki is not a finished work, but is getting into a beta level already.
You can see it in action (for production) on:

And you can join us there improving it... (send me a message when you register there in edu.tw.o and I'll add you and any other interested person as workspace members)

Having said so, please, see installation instructions, specially the one saying the Mod server where to get the latest version (0.7 currently). YEs, on mods.tw.o it says 1.2 (but it was, in fact, 0.3 or 0.4, I think). I don't know why numbers on cvs started from 1.0 onwards, I think, but not the numbering from the original author).

And last, please, keep talking / discussing about this thread (if needed) on edu.tw.o forums (you'll be welcome there! :-) )
For bugs, and so on: "Developement on edu.t.wo

For other comments, "Users Main Forum on edu.tw.o"

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