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> I'm looking for people who work over file galleries. I need a feature and I think I could implement it by myself, but I want to know if anyone is going to implement it already (just because I've seen a fields for it in database).
> All I need is just file rating/voting. I've found fields "votes" and "points" in tiki_files table, so I guess someone had this planned but what is the progress?

I am not aware of anyone working on this at moment. But it certainly would be nice to be able to rate files, as we can do for wiki pages, trackers items, etc However, please make sure to use the 1.10 (Head code), because there has been a lot of work there recently by SylvieG, to add check-in/check-out and file version history.

> Also, if I'd code feature by myself, I still do not know whom to inform to contribute a code.

Check out http://dev.tikiwiki.org and come & meet some developpers on IRC.


M ;-)

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