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image upload within tracker item creation/edition doesn't work for me

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Hi tikians:

It's my first ever time trying the image field in trackers, and either I'm doing something wrong, or there is a bug somewhere, I guess. I'm using 1.9.7cvs (from last week or so)

I created the tracker filed type as image (as I usually do with other tracker fields).
I attempted to upload an image while creating a new tracker item, but the image didn't show up in there while viewing the tracker item.
I had some items created in the tracker, before I added the image field to the tracker. I edited them. When I'm on edit tracker item screen, I can see the caption from "no picture available" (default image: img/icons/na_pict.gif).

After uploading a new small image (valig jpg or png, I can see it without problems on local), I can't see it at all (nor the default one that it was before). It seems as if the image is uploaded somewhere, but It can't be displayed.
I checked in the directory to save files, that is defined in "Admin > Tracker", but no file at all in there (the folder is writable by everybody - perms 777).

Any hints?

I don't get any error message...

posts: 1797 Catalan Countries

Well, there was an issue with ourserver being too secure, and having issues with the images uploaded without perms. for the webserver to read them.
Plus some other issue, that sylvie solved! (thanks Sylvie, as always!)
Fixed. :-) smile
(and we've improved a bit documentation about it at a child page from Trackers at the documentation )

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