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Hi mates:

I've started some pags about the long awaited feature Wysiwyg Editor (which uses Fckeditor).

But I'd love that some coder which already know what's going to be coded revises those else (I just created them on the fly, while trying by trial and error on local with a brand new 1.10 cvs copy from yesterday).

Those are the pages:

And congratulations for the brave coders having this so-much-requested-&-desired feature included in Tikiwiki! smile
(who are they?)

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The Documentation is rather out of date now for Version 3.1:

It can be enabled at Admin -> General panel

It can be enabled at Admin -> Features -> Experimental

Why is it experimental in 3.1?
And where are all the options like "is displayed by default"?

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Hi Andreas, please help us to improve (update) the documentation yourself.

experimental: because some users found some bugs in certain cases (you can review that yourself also at http://dev.tikiwiki.org/Wysiwyg I guess)

options: might it be that they are hidden until you enable the feature?
Please, try , and improve the docs with what you learned in your trial and error.
Cheers, and welcome to Tikiwiki Community! :-)

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Hi Xavi,

Any way to access a doc that says how to configure the toobar of ckeditor and fckeditor?


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see Tiki6: ckeditor replaces FCKeditor.
If you don't find the page, please, create one and suggest where this new page should be located in the Documentation structure, in case you cannot add the page there yourself.

Then, we can all contribute to fill that gap.

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