Re: Lists in a table

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Hi Arun,
you can try using the html tags:

|| (ul) (li)  1st item | 2n col
(li) 2nd item | 2n col
(li) ... | 2n col  (/ul) ||

(ul) (li) 1st item 2n col
(li) 2nd item 2n col
(li) ... 2n col (/ul)

You need to enable html in wiki pages (Admin -> Wiki), and click on the "Allow html" checkbox while editing the page.

You can't see the bullets here on tw.o because they seem to have disallowed html code for registered users.

And you can't see the html tags because they were stripped at posting time :-(

I re-add using round brackets.

You can see an example (html code allowed) here:


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