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How can I make the default text font bigger?

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I've tried several times to increase the font of the default text in wiki pages (through editting css file). But I didn't succeed.

And a new tiki user asked the same through the sf.net tiki-users e-mail list.

Any tips?

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It depends on the theme. Some (probably most) Tiki themes specify font sizes separately for many parts of the page, in pixels. In that case, the only way to increase the size is to change each instance in the CSS file. To make a global change, search for "font-size: 10px" or whatever the current size is and replace it with a larger size. To make specific-element changes, the selector has to be identified and changed individually.

A few themes use % and ems to set the font size, usually a percentage value for the body and then % or ems for specific page parts. In this case, increasing the body font size will affect all the others.

-- Gary

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