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Hi Sani (And welcome to Tikiwiki community :-):

> Hello.
> I got three questions.
> Is there a possibility to make a Home-Section which is not a WIKI or an ARTICLE.
> => If a visitior who is not registered, is not allowed to read WIKIS or ARTICLES,
> he also cannot see the Home-Section,he just sees a login page instead of the Home-Section.

Yes, you can define you own home page (any url), and set that url in Admin -> General

If visitor see login page instead of Home, check first that "anonymous" group of users has the global permission to view categories, in case the home page is categorized (this could be the reason)...

> 2)LDAP
> Is there a way to include other LDAP-Information, not only Authentification.
> For example to read out groups or names of students. Are there modules or something like
> that,which I can include in tikiwiki?

In case ldap information can be saved in a SQL dabatase (I have no idea myself...), you could use the PluginSQL, can't you?


Or you could hack (or have somebody hack) that plugin...

> On my page a user can manually close his wiki-page,but isn't there a better method
> which automatically makes the editor the ONLY admin of his wiki. Yes, I have already
> activated "Editors are admins of their...." and the Group-Permissions didn't help.

I don't understand. Could you please explain a little more what's the problem?


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