Features / Usability

Features / Usability

'Tickets' style functionality

I am responsible for making a new, all emcompassing, Intranet for my company. It will have about 120 users internationally.

The main requirement is that it has 'ticketing' functionality, and that the data from our old intranet tickets site can be moved into the new site.

The function is like this:

1) User clicks create ticket
2) User is forced to enter predefined data (problem type, problem desc., importance, deadline to resolve etc)
3) Ticket is created and added to list of tickets.
4) Other users deal with ticket - append comments, change status of various fields. An index page shows all tickets and key status info.
5) Ticket is closed.

I guess this is similar to a discussion thread but with the forced data input template and updateable status.

I would also like to import all the previous tickets data (mysql) into the new system.

Is it possible to add this ticketing functionality to tikiwiki, or does it already exist?

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