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Re: Quizzes and Tiki Scores

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However, Zero, if you are realy interested in getting this feature enhancement into next tiki version (whatever next version it can go in), I would suggest you code it yourself, or find a coder to code it for you (and it's much better to have some money around to retribute that person's work if he/she lives on tiki coding and helping the community...).

Score feature was coded by batawata (lfagundes) coder, afaik, and he's not around in tiki community for the last months... (so I guess you would need another coder to improve it, since it looks difficult that the original coder improves it... - well, at least, difficult if you don't ask him directly... so you can try to contact him directly to show your interest in that improvement...)

Btw: At http://dev.tikiwiki.org there are some tips to help new coders get introduced to tiki development and hacking... ;-)

Good luck :-)

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