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Hi Penny, and welcome to Tikiwiki community!

It's not possible in 1.9.x branch, but it is indeed in the improved Tiki 1.10. You can do that if you use trackers for your surveys, since there is a new radio button field, watch trackers, watch trackers permission, export csv answers, and many more improvements in trackers.

Survey feature is a easy to setup feature, but limited funcionalities, but trackers are much more versatile and powerful, and can be used to create your own survey system, etc. (we've done so in a tiki site for production using 1.10cvs). If not in a hurry, wait for 1.10 to be released as stable. If in a hurry, get the latest 1.10cvs version and "good luck" (http://dev.tikiwiki.org/Download ; if you are not good at coding and bug fixing, you'd need a coder to help you with that... as we did, paying - in our case - that person to fix the annoying bugs in the features we were intertested in)

Hope this helps...

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