phplayers vertical menu in left column showing behind content in central column (wiki page)

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I don't know why but using smartiki.css in 1.9.7, phplayer vertical menus show up behind content of wiki page in central column.

Example: http://moviments.net/precarios

Move the cursor pointer over the left column phplayered menú, and you'll see the subitmes in the boxes appearing behind the text in the central column.

How can this be fixed?

Quick solution: Image

Better solution: This seems to be a problem only in Firefox, of the browsers I have to check with. So far, when viewing the Smartiki theme in Firefox, I've found that PHP Layers menus appear to be underneath div.cbox and div.codecaption and .divcodelisting. There could be more; I didn't check everything.

I looked at a similar page on one of my sites and found that Smartiki and Tikineat both have this problem. Other themes including Simple and Andreas09 don't. I've compared, so far, the above divs along with .wikitext, in the center column, and div.box and div.box-data where the menus are. So far I haven't found a consistent pattern that results in the display problem. But I'm debugging another theme in Firefox so maybe I'll come across it. Or maybe someone else has some clues on this.

-- Gary

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