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Hi Uncle Geo:

> Xavi,
> I think I posted the instructions properly at http://doc.tikiwiki.org/tiki-index.php?page=RSS. I hope it's in the right place. Tiki has been good to me and I'm glad to give back -even though I'm maybe a power user at best and not a programmer type.

So am I :-)

However, I'd request you to combine your information with the information already in thre before your addition:

  • RSS is an overview page, and
  • RSS User , or RSS Admin are more detailed pages for information regarding rss from the point of view of the end user, and from the point of view of the admin configuring rss.

Could you please re-locate your addition to the proper places, whereever they should go?

I'm also very glad to give back (that's why I ehlp at doc.tw.o (since I can't code to make tiki software better)

> Question; how do I enclose lines of wiki or HTML code without them triggering functions on the doc site or here?

For Wiki, use PluginCode (I updated that page recently ;-).
For html, I don't know... (I think that the main problem is the "lowerthan" sign). You could try finding and users an html code for that sign... (I think I've seen it written this way somewhere, to show html code within wiki pages... Or just disable html in wiki pages, I guess, if you are a site admin (under Admin home -> Wiki, I think)

Cheers, (and HTH)

xavi smile

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