Re: Newbie needs help.

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However, a "shopping-cart"-like feature out-of-the-box is not included in Tiki...
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Hello Xavi:

I'm looking to find out if there is any shopping cart model that is compatible with TW.

I seen many treads going around about making TW Papal friendly, yet, I don't see any shopping cart solution in the documentation or fonctionalities.

Can you help?


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Hi Daniel,

There's a new 'Cart' module and and 'payment_feature' preference in the branch 5 installation. The admin page is tiki-admin.php?page=payment, where you can set PayPal details. See http://doc.tikiwiki.org/Payment?bl=y for more information.

(Thanks again for your participation - and being a tour guide - at the Montreal Tikifest. smile)

-- Gary

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thanks Gary for answering.
I was going to say the same :-)

Daniel, see also Tiki5

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