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Re: Aw: Re: permission tiki_p_blog_post

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> > Hi, it looks like a bug in the code. Try with recent code (see instructions on http://dev.tikiwiki.org/tracker5 ) and if confirmed, report that bug if not already reported by somebody else.
> > HTH
> Hi, I don't think I'm able to do that. I'm more than a rookie in tikiwiki. Have now tried to replace some files from branch-1-9 to my tiki:
> tiki-blog_post.php
> templates/tiki-blog_post.tpl
> /lib/tiki-blog_post.php
> /lib/blogs/bloglib.php
> Same problem. Found that also on another installation, where I have only user rights. I could post in blogs from other users. So I think it is a bug, but I can't find it in the bugs list.
> My first part of the solution (better a very little workaround) is to set the menu "post" on tiki_p_blog_admin. Now you can only post by using the post-button in tiki-list_blogs.php. Second should be to disable in tiki-blog_post.tpl the . If possible it has to show only the name of the selected blog. For me that is enough, but you can still change the blogID over URL.
> OK, when you got it let mo know.
> Thanks, Gunnar

Gunnar, I'm not a coder. Report this bug at http://dev.tikiwiki.org/tracker5 . Log in there with your username and pass from tw.o, and you'll see a tab saying "insert new item". Click there and you'll the form to report this issue. This way , coders can take it into account when reviewing bugs or RFE related to the blog feature.


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