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Re: Re: Mail-in not working for wiki pages!

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> > I am having trouble making the mail-in feature work. I am running version 1.9.7.
> > The problem is that the text of the email is not making it in to the body of the wiki page. The email will create a new page (if there is not one with that name already). And attachments seem to work fine. Just no body text! Can anyone help?!?
> Okay - I have solved this by not leaving the "Discard to the End From" box blank on the Mail-In Account config. It seems you need to have something in here or the whole email body will be ignored. Thanks.

grantarchibald, could you please check if all the information in doc pages (Mail-in) about mail-in is updated, and if needed, include your trick to make it work (to avoid other people having the same trouble you had, through knwoing your trick)

Cheers and thanks for contributing with your own fixes to problems! :-)

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