Re: How Horrible? Center BELOW Left. + Fixing XHTML validation errors

United States

> How did you produce the (pretty picture) you attached of my site?

I'm using Firefox 2.0.6 on Win XP.

Did you clear both your browser's cache and Tiki's system cache?

Your issues are more than simply CSS validation. There are some pretty serious HTML problems, too. I strongly recommend that you:

  1. You have an opened __<!-- with a missing close statement that is surely causing issues. (Look at the This is TikiWiki... statement at the very top of your page.) This is causing portions of the Tiki code to be commented out.
  2. Use a tool like http://browsershots.org/ to test your site in different browser/OS combinations.
  3. Validate each individual TPL, each time you edit it.


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