Architecture / Installation

Architecture / Installation

Re: Re: Re: Tiki 2 - suggested ssh command not allowing me to process file directories for Mods

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Update: I could fix the problem of the demo workspace on edu.tw.o saying that it was closed. Opened again.

Moreover, you can safely try AulaWiki (as documented in edu.tw.o/AulaWiki-Tutorial ) using an old version of the TikiLiveCD:

Version 0.2c would do, which you can alternatively download from here:

I hope this helps...

By the way, remember that you don't need to use AulaWiki to use Tiki on educational scenarios. Our best results (shown on edu.tw.o) were obtained using plain Tiki set by hand, much before aulawiki was started. And yes, it's time consuming if you have many students and student groups, but it can be done with some time without the need for coders to fix anything from a stable Tiki version.

Whatever best suits your case... and keep in mind that Aulawiki is for advanced admins, it's not well documented from the user point of view, but from the code point of view: what the code can do. It takes some time and trial and error to be set up properly. Good luck if you take that road, and welcome to the edu.tw.o squad in Tikiwiki Community :-)
Feel free to add you case in edu.tw.o homepage and report any issues to find, at the users forum:


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