Architecture / Installation

Architecture / Installation

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Tiki 2 - suggested ssh command not allowing me to process file directories for Mods

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Oups, my fault (again):

With TikiWiki 2's directory, tried to run the chown +x setup.sh - no luck there either here is a partial log:
-bash-3.1$ cd pages
-bash-3.1$ cd wiki
-bash-3.1$ chown +x setup.sh

It's not "chown +x setup.sh" but "chmod +x setup.sh" (or "chmod +x ./setup.sh")

For all the rest of your comments: my pleasure, and again, welcome to Tiki Community. wink
I've been also helped by many other people beforehand... A pity I cannot spend more time in the forums... (or in doc.tw.o)

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