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Dear klang:

Thanks for your comments. the right place to post them is at the Editorial Board Meeting underway:

In addition, you can already fix wrong things on homepage (I've added you to the ))DocContributorsgroup, which has some special extra perms, according to what we decided in a previous meeting - ((doc:ebm. you are already in Doc.

For other more important changes, you'd better post them in the ebm underway, and let other people taking care of doc.tw.o discuss about it, and decide about it with the highest possible consensus.

There is plenty of room for you (and many others) to suggest or perform improvements on doc.tw.o, so that you are very welcome! :-)



P.S. My own opinion about the 3 menus thing is to keep/improve the one on the left column, and where needed, the one in Documentation (which is an structure, and so far, plain registered users can't edit for security reasons). The hand made ones in other pages, go ahead to fix or edit them once you know how to improve them. And the "new user"-point of view is very important!!!!

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